Function, Task and Right

  • Branch of National Center for Technological Progress in Ho Chi Minh City (hereinafter referred to as the Branch) is a scientific and technological non-business unit under the National Center for Technological Progress (NACNETECH), which is assisting the Director in performing research functions, deploying the application of high-tech and new technologies in the fields assigned by NACENTECH in accordance with the socio-economic conditions of each locality in the South.
  • The international transaction name in English of the Branch is: Branch of National Center for Technological Progress in Ho Chi Minh City (abbreviated as NACENHO)
  • The Branch is implementing autonomy mechanism in public science and technology organizations in accordance with law.
  • The Branch has legal status, their own seal and is allowed to open accounts at the State Treasury and the Bank to operate and conducting transactions in accordance with law. The branch is located in Tan Binh District, City. Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
Tasks and rights:
  • Developing and submitting the Branch 5-year schedule, annual operation plans to the Director of Nacentech, and organizing the implementation as soon as it’s approved.
  • Research, application and technology transfer in the fields of biology into localities’ production and life in the Southern region.
  • Acting as the focal point, coordinating with centers in conducting applied research and technology transfer in the fields of NACENHO’s functions and tasks assigned in the Southern region, which focuses on the fields of high-tech agriculture and smart cities.
  • Conducting consultancy, coordinating appraisal of technology and high-tech projects in the fields of the scope of assigned functions.
  • Conducting training, fostering, and retraining to improve professional qualifications in specialties within the Branch’s functions and tasks in accordance with the provisions of law, including training and fostering knowledge on biotechnology, and other fields related to high-tech for agricultural production and development in the South.
  • Organizing conferences and seminars, build databases, and conducting information, reporting work as prescribed.
  • Deploying and applying advanced and synchronous technology lines; coordinate and participate in technology incubation activities, scientific and technological enterprises in the fields under the Branch’s functions in the Southern region.
  • Scientific research cooperation, joint venture, association, technological development with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals. Carrying out international cooperation activities within the scope of the assigned functions and tasks and in accordance with law.
  • Carrying out production, business and service activities within the scope prescribed by law:
    – Deploying and coordinating the assigned implementation of the Branch’s invested projects in accordance with law.
    – Joint venture, joint exploitation; and equipment, assets assigned by NACENTECH to manage and use according to the provisions of law.
    – Managing officers, employees, assets and documents of the Branch according to the decentralization of NACENTECH and the Ministry.
  • Perform other tasks assigned by NACENTECH’s Director.