Leader’s Message.

  • Welcome to NACENTECH HCM website. It is my pleasure to introduce you to our research activities at the Branch of National Center for Technological Progress – Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Our studies cover a wide range of research and application in the field of industrial, agricultural, biological, medicinal, electronic, IT issues. The Institute has made tremendous progress in many areas. It has now become an academy of innovative science and applied research.
  • With our far-reaching approach, research- oriented and relevance-based applications, NACENTECH HCM is an Institution that is dedicated to building an environment that fosters intellectual freedom.
  • The Institute was established in 2002 and has grown impressively in numbers and in quality. Community outreach activities through our research and application programme is the central driver of our service in the developing region.
  • We pride ourselves with the diverse programmes that we offer which are country targeted and regionally relevant. The community outreach programmes actively engage local communities and governments. This mode of operation has strengthened the active nature of our agency because what they research is combined in theory and practice.
  • NACENTECH HCM has a strong basic science research program, with substantial experience in training undergraduate students, graduate students (MSc and PhD), and research associates. Combining collaborations nationally and internationally with high-ranking institutions and universities, we have won national and international support for our research interests. We publish widely in high level journals and have been recognized for our efforts by numerous awards by local, provincial, and ministerial organizations.