Methods of propagating and narrator technology for manufacturing Paramignya trimera oliv plants


  • The use of in vitro tissue culture method for Paramignya trimera has the ability to produce seedlings; The ability to create buds reached the rate 60% but the rooting rate is very low (only max 10%). According to this method, the best medium for bud multiplication is the medium MS + 3,0 mg/l BA + 0,5 mg/l NAA and 2,0 mg/l KIN + 0,1 mg/l NAA; for bud growth of callus in vitro and use MS added 0,5 mg/l IBA for giving rise root of callus. Adding 40 mg/l AgNO3 to the MS medium + 3,0 mg/l BA + 0,5 mg/l NAA and MS + 2,0 mg/l KIN + 0,1 mg/l NAA to reduce browning rate without affecting callus growth.
  • Besides, propagating the Paramignya trimera by cuttings can have a high survival rate 63%, with the cuttings have been treated with IBA2500ppm at 10 – 15s. Compared with tissue culture, propagation by cuttings proved to have higher multiplication efficiency.
  • The process of propagation by synthetic cuttings technique is as follows: Soak of the bough in IBA 2500ppm at 10 – 15s; Plug into the stand (50% coir + 20% cow dung + 30% sand) and at dark with black plastic mesh (watering 2 days/time); Fertilize with the mixture N (2g/plant) + P (2g/plant) + (1-2g/plant).

AParamignya trimeraBParamignya trimera
Fig 1. P. trimera buds in rooting medium supplemented with anti-browning agent after 8 weeks of culture.
a) supplemented with 1000 mg/l activated carbon;
b) supplemented with 40 mg/l AgNO3

Paramignya trimera
Fig 2. P. trimera 8 weeks after fertilizing.