Webinar on Biotechnology – Advances in Agricultural Science and Technology

On November 1, 2021, National Center for Technological Progress in HCM City, has successfully organized an online conference with the Them of ‘Exchanging Information on Science and Technology in the Field of Biotechnology, Agriculture’.

Which the participation of experts from Technological Institutes & Universities, both local and international, the conference was organized for the purpose of promoting collaboration in research and technology transfer between NACENTECH & scientific organizations.

Photo courtesy of NACENTECH HCM

We were delighted to welcome renowned professors from the HK Chinese University & the Hong Kong Baptist University, scientists of Can Tho University & NACENTECH.

Especially Professor LAM Hong Ming
– Director of Molecular biotechnology program, School of life science
– State key laboratory of agrobiotechnology, Centre for soybean research
– RGC-AOE Centre for genomic studies on plant-environment interaction
– Hong Kong Seed Technology and Education Center
Professor WONG Jonathan
– Academician European Academy of Sciences and Arts
– Head and Professor, Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University
– Honorary Professor, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, University of Queensland
– Director, Institute of Bioresource and Agriculture
– Director, Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre
– Director, Sino-Forest Applied Research Centre for Pearl River Delta Environment
At the discussion, the participants shared and exchanged views on such issues as: scientific research, technology transfer, international collaboration in R&D and training exchange.

The topic of applying biotechnology in sustainable agricultural development to adapt to climate change was also presented and discussed. In which, notably with 02 achievements are:
– Production technology of Soybean seed that is resistant to harsh environmental conditions.
– Waste treatment technology to make organic fertilizer and bio-oil.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Truong Minh Ngoc thanked the experts for taking the time to participate in, and NACENTECH in HCM will continue further to discuss and work in more detail through the support of experts to carry out the framework, promote activities between the parties in the spirit of mutual support.

Photo courtesy of the meeting – NACENTECH HCM

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